G'Wellness Testimonial

Judith Taualai

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Key# BCGW71160

I hereby affirm that the following is a true account of my experiences before and after taking the product, G’Wellness.

Two months ago I saw on television a story on D’Care about it managing the sugar levels. I also saw the laboratory tests for G’Wellness. I was so impressed I decided to trial G’Wellness for myself and I bought two bottles.

Since being on G’Wellness I have lost all pain in my right side, around the liver/gallbladder area, which I have suffered from for some time. My stomach is not bloated any more. People have commented on how well I look and that the puffiness has gone from my face with that an improvement of mind clarity and more energy.

I left western medicine in per suit of an alternative, as it hadn’t helped me. I stayed with a preventative medical practitioner until his retirement in 2008. I was then reliant once again on western medicine.

I had learnt so much that I decided to become a Homeopath and supplemented my medication with homeopathy. I researched Chinese Herbal remedies, Australian Herbal remedies and home remedies.

I got a Doctor of Arts (Major Psychology) Degree, I studied counseling and mediation counseling. I then got a PHD in ministry. My health appeared to be on a decline once again. I was constantly on antibiotics. Then came G’Wellness. I haven’t needed western medicine as much and my health is improving, as is my energy. My anxiety levels have almost disappeared. I had a crisis point where I felt a bit off colour and a herpes type blister appeared on my right hand index finger. I had chicken pox mildly as a child and shingles at seven and fifty-six. The G’Wellness I believe pulled out the herpes virus and allowed it to go out of the body.

After the crisis I began to feel better still. I seem not to need as much food and have lost weight. My sleep has also improved. I am about to start my third bottle of G’Wellness and can only say I am keenly interested in how much better I get thanks to G’Wellness.

5/5 stars