Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What makes D'Care different from other herbal tonics?

A. DG Biocare Group herbal tonics are based on the Traditional Siddha Paradigm of working with the body to attune the natural process of self healing. This is done by extracting only active ingredients that are beneficial for you in our formulas

Q. Are the tonics completely natural or do they have preservatives added?

A. Yes they are natural, extracted from herbs in water solution. There are no added preservatives.

Q. Is it OK to take with other medications?

A. We have had no negative response to our Tonics reacting with Prescription Medicine. Please consult your Doctor if concerned.

Q. How long will it take before I see a result?

A. As everyone is different there is no standard time. However due to the high potency we have had results within a short period, most people will see a result within 1 to 2 weeks. D'Care may lower blood sugar levels, other complaints may take time.

Q. Will I have to keep taking it?

A. It will be entirely up to the individual. Prolonged use has shown ongoing improvement and repair to the body. It is normal to reduce the dosage over time though.

Q. Where can I buy the product?

A. There are numerous places our products are available. You can purchase our tonics on this website, selected chemists and health food stores throughout Australia (see stockists) and you can also purchase direct from us at DG Biocare Group by phoning 1800 220 061.