G’Wellness Testimonial

Brad Kennedy

Brad Kennedy G'Wellness Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Key# BCGW71160

I hereby affirm that the following is a true account of my experiences before and after taking the product, G’Wellness.

I have been a touring golf professional for 13 years, but since taking G’Wellness for the last 14 months, I have seen significant improvements both physically and mentally, which have benefited my golf directly. I’m training harder than ever, I feel physically and mentally stronger allowing me to compete at the highest level.

Physically I’ve noticed my energy levels are higher enabling me to train harder on my overall fitness level as well as the hours needed to maintain a high golf skill level. This has given me the confidence that my body can handle anything even under the stress and physical energy required to play golf at an elite level.

With a heavy travel schedule playing all over the world, G’Wellness also helps me with jet-lag and coping with different time zones through a more balanced body. G’Wellness has also improved my recovery time after a fitness training session and after a round of golf which has great advantages when playing a 4 round tournament.

Mentally I’m able to maintain my concentration and focus longer on the golf course giving me clearer shot making decisions. I also feel more relaxed and calm under pressure situations where one mistake can be the difference between winning an event and finishing back in the pack.

Just 3 years ago where I was at a cross road with my playing career, with the help of a new coach who gave me a different outlook on the game focusing more on the physical aspect, I started to get the belief back in my game and began to rebuild my career. G’Wellness has also been a massive part of the puzzle to play sport at an elite level. I’m in the best form of my career finishing 29th on the 2011 Japanese Tour OOM with 4 top 10’s and winning the WA Open in 2010 and now becoming the NZ Open Champion at Clearwater Golf Club in Christchurch.

I believe that since taking G’Wellness my golf has greatly improved, I feel great, so I would recommend G’Wellness to anyone who wants to increase their energy levels and to assist in your general health and well-being.

Thanks G’Wellness.

5/5 stars