G'Wellness Testimonial

Alan S Jones MBE

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Key# BCGW71160

I hereby affirm that the following is a true account of my experiences before and after taking the product, G’Wellness.

As a previous Formula 1 World Champion I frequently travel around the world for Grand Prix and other official engagements.

Travelling through many INTERNATIONAL TIMEZONES your body is affected with changes to your diet and exercise routine.

A LONG TERM friend of mine had introduced me to G’Wellness.

Taking the G’Wellness every morning, first thing, with warm water I no longer fell the effects of jet lag whether I am at home or away, as well, I feel a lot more alert in my mind and body especially when I am attending official functions.

I can say that G’Wellness has helped me cope with my hectic lifestyle with renewed energy and good health. It is also comforting that I can achieve this level of wellness through natural herbs and not artificially enhanced stimulants.

5/5 stars