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Perfected By Our Unique 21st Century Technology

MAY HOLD THE ANSWER TO MAN'S DISEASES OF TODAY! Modern man has presented a challenge on his body with pollutants, toxins, bacteria and evolving viruses. But with sustained indulgence in photon charged natural foods, in particular herbs, our body will be better equipped to combat this invasion.

It has been quoted that there are very few new discoveries in understanding and treating the human body. We are, in many cases, only rediscovering what the human race has forgotten. Medical Science, in recent times, has questioned the remedies and healing powers going back thousands of years and have, by way of scientific principles, proven the effectiveness and beneficial effects to the human body. SCIENCE has recognised that good health and healing comes from within our own body.

The human body is designed to heal itself and combat illnesses. Plants and our body collect and store light energy (photons). We now realise that the intake of photon charged foods will revitalise our body and promote the healing processes as well as ward off potential illnesses. For the cells in the body to repair or replace themselves we must have the catalyst to trigger their rejuvenation. Given the photon's energy, our body will recover and maintain optimum health within realms of our body's design.

Traditional Herbal Medicine + Modern Day Science

Traditional herbal medicine has evolved with the aid of complimentary modern science. With the prescribed combination of herbs, photon enriched drink and a delivery system that directly enters our body's blood stream, we can experience the well being and self healing powers that we were blessed with from our creation. Today, all around the world, Universities and researchers are dedicating themselves to Herbal Medicines, Biophysics, Biophonics and associated Sciences.

D'G Biocare Products

D'Care: The product is a herbal drink to which some of the herbs used have been acknowledged under Traditional Medicine to help regulate the levels of sugar in the blood by creating a hypoglycemic effect. It may also rejuvenate and stabilise glucose imbalance. Find out more about DCare here.

G'Wellness: The product, as the name suggests, is for general wellness. GWellness is a liquid herbal drink that works with the body in its natural process of healing itself to optimise your general wellness. It balances the metabolism and maintains good health. It also acts as a detoxifying agent and may eliminate problems with the alimentary canal. 

Available from selected Day & Night Pharmacies, Terry White Chemists, Pharmacy Essentials Pharmacies, Healthy Life Health Food Stores & Go Vita Health Food Stores.